Wedding Car Hire Terms & Conditions

1. One of our chauffeurs will undertake to collect the bride and the person giving her away from the requested address and to convey them to the premises where the wedding is to take place. Following the service for onward travel to the address of the reception. Where the wedding and reception is in the one building, the chauffeur will take the bride to the one destination. Should the car and chauffeur be required any further during the day; this is open to negotiation.

2. The chauffeur is the sole driver; no self-drive is allowed.

3. The hire of the vehicle for a wedding is conditional on the design of the bride's dress. Those dresses designed with excessive material may have difficulty in accessing the vehicle. The vehicle is available for viewing prior to booking on a mutually agreed date.

4. The maximum number of passengers in the vehicle is 3. No passenger under the height of 1.35 metres (4ft. 5") tall will be allowed to travel in the vehicle.

5. All passengers are required to wear seat belts.

6. It is at the chauffeur's discretion whether the convertible roof is lowered or raised should adverse weather prevail on the day.

7. A deposit of £100 is payable at the time of reservation. If the hirer cancels the booking 60 days or more before the hiring is due to take place, the hirer will be refunded the deposit less £25 administration fee. If cancellation occurs within 59 days or less, no deposit will be refunded. The full balance will be payable not less than 14 days prior to the hire date.

8. The responsibility for any damage to the vehicle by the hirer or their guests will solely rest with the hirer. Any repairs required shall be paid for by the hirer.

9. No smoking, eating or drinking are allowed in the vehicle. Any damage caused to the vehicle as a result of a breach of this policy, including the costs of valeting, shall be the responsibility of the hirer.

10. We do not accept liability for any personal or material damage to the hirer or guests nor do we accept responsibility for any belongings left by the hirer or their guests in the vehicle subsequent to the hire.

11. The chauffeur will not exceed the speed limit at any time.

12. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure there is adequate travel time to and from the destination[s]. If required we are willing to arrange a pre-run of the route in an alternative vehicle on a mutually agreed date with the bride or bride's representative at an additional fee.

13. We do not accept responsibility for any events that are outside the control of the chauffeur on the day such as traffic congestion or road works.

14. Please note that these are classic cars and should for any reason the booked vehicle is not available to fulfil the hire, we will attempt to find a replacement vehicle and all hire charges will be returned in full to the hirer.

15. In the event of any breakdown on the journey we shall endeavour to find a replacement vehicle but this may not be a classic car. Should this occur a full refund will be given.

16. We may wish to take photographs of the event for use on our website. Should you, as the hirer, object to this, please let us know at the time of the booking.

17. Any hire may be refused without explanation or reason.

18. Our vehicles are available for other functions. Please contact us for details.

Wedding Hire Kent, Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Hire - Wedding Hire Kent

Ford Mustang Hire - Wedding Hire Kent

Ford Mustang Hire - Wedding Hire Kent